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On-line registration

CMS - 1.11.12 - Seymour Norte

Race Info

Packet Pickup:

If you registered on-line, your packet will be waiting for you at the High School. It's a good idea to pickup your packet as early as possible, then decide if you want to park your car at the finish or leave it at the start. Remember that shuttles are limited and are staffed by volunteers. Some years we have a lot of shuttles, while other years the shuttles are limited. The best plan is to coordinate with friends and have some park at the finish while others park at the start. After the race, those who parked at the finish can shuttle their friends back to the start to pickup their cars.

Race Day Registration

If you did not preregister, you can register the morning of the race. Registration is at the High School and runs from 7:00am until 8:45am. The entry fee is $35.00 and you can either pay in cash or check. We do not accept credit cards. You may or may not get a tech tee. It depends on how many runners pre-registered and how many t-shirts are ordered. If getting a shirt is important to you, please pre-register before May 31.

** There will be no race day registration for the relay, the relay will be pre-registered runners only.


Parking is available at the start at the High School and near the finish at the Temple Mountain Ski. The Ski Area is located across the highway from Miller State Park. This is a point-to-point race and so those runners who choose to park at the High school will need to find their own way back after the race. We will try to provide some shuttles, but these will be very limited since they are based on volunteer availability. The best plan is to coordinate with friends and have some park at the finish while others park at the start. After the race, those who parked at the finish can shuttle their friends back to the start to pickup their cars.


There will likely be a 10-15 degree drop in temperature from the start to finish. Runners are advised to bring dry warm-up clothing to wear after the finish. Runner's gear will be transported to Miller State Park by an official vehicle. (see "Gear Vehicle")

Road Surfaces

The race course follows paved and gravel country roads with uneven surfaces and potholes. It is the runner's responsibility to exercise caution during this event. The local police have stressed the importance of giving right-of-way to the vehicles on the road. Failure to do so may result in the runner receiving a citation. Yes, I know this sounds Draconian and rather silly. But this is the message I've been asked to pass along to the runners from the local police departments.

Getting to the start

While registration and parking is done at the High School, the race does not start at the school. It begins about 1/2 mile from the school. To get to the start, exit the school property by walking/jogging down the hill you used to come into the school. There is only 1 road leading away from the school and there will be a crowd of other runners heading in that direction. Just look around and follow the other runners. At the bottom of the hill, make a right and walk/jog about 1/4 mile to the start. There will be a stone monument on the left which indicates the race start.

Gear Vehicle

All runners are allowed to designate 1 bag that we will bring to Miller State Park. We cannot bring the truck up the auto road because it's too steep and the road is closed. This bag can contain warm, dry clothes, towels, whatever you like. Please do not put any valuables or fragile items in the bags as we cannot take responsibility for missing, stolen or broken items.

You will receive a tag in your packet which you will need to attach to your bag. One one side of the ag, write your bib number. Bags will be organized in groups of 25 based on the bib number. On the other side of the tag, write your name and phone number.

Once you have written your bib number and contact information on the tag and attached the tag to your bag, bring your bag outside in the front of the school. There will be sign saying "GEAR VEHICLE DROPOFF". Leave your bag at the base of this sign. There will most likely be other bags there so just leave your bag with the others. The bags will be loaded onto the gear vehicle at 8:50am. Please do not leave your bag in this area after this time. If you do, there is a chance it will be left behind. Once we leave the school, we do not return

After you finish

All runners will walk down off Pack Monadnock Mtn. to Temple Mtn.Ski Area parking lot (1.3mi). No runners or spectators will be allowed to drive up or park at the top of Pack Monadnock Mtn. If a runner is medically unable to walk down, a race official will provide a ride down after the race. Please stay to the right while walking down to give the runners the right of way.

Post Race Food

Please join us for post race food and refreshments at the Temple Mountain Ski area. The tent will be located at the back of the parking lot, through the gate and up a small hill. You'll see the tent and tables.

Awards and Awards Ceremony

The top male and female overall and the top male and female in each age group will be awarded. The top overall relay team, top masters and top senior relay teams will also be awareded. There will be no official awards ceremony so please check the results area to see if you have won.

Getting back to the School

Your best option is to plan ahead and car pool. Our shuttles are provided by volunteers so they are unpredictable.




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