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CMS - 1.11.12 - Seymour Norte

Course Info


This course was designed to give runners a hill-climb challenge and to test strength and endurance. The race starts on Highland St near Wilton Lnydeborough High School. It runs uphill for the first mile. At the first mile marker, the course flattens out as it turns onto Sand Hill Road (gravel) and remains flat for about one half mile. There will be a rolling uphill grade as Sand Hill road ends and merges onto Davisville Road (paved) through mile three.

Next, the course turns left onto Burton Highway with gradual uphill and rolling terrain. The relay runners will transition at the 5.1 mile water stop. At approximately 5.5 miles, there is steep 1/4 mile climb. The course bears left onto Webster Highway for 1.5 miles of relatively flat, rolling paved road.

At mile 7, the course bears right onto Old Revolutionary Rd. (gravel) and goes uphill for one-half mile and flattens out for one-half mile. Just before mile 8 the course turns onto Rt. 101 (paved) and climbs a steep hill grade for 1/2 mile. The course becomes relatively flat for 2/10 mile as it passes Temple Mountains Ski Area.

The last 1.3 miles of the course climb the paved switch-back road in Miller State Park to the summit of Pack Monadnock Mountain.The last 1.3 miles are as steep or steeper than Mt Washington.

Aid Stations
# Location Amenities
1 3 miles, just after you make a left
onto Burton Hwy
2 5.1 miles - On Burton Hwy *relay transition Water, Gatorade
3 6.9 miles, corner at Webster/Old Revolutionary Road & State Rt 45 Water
4 8.9 Miles
(Miller State Park parking lot)
Water, Medical
5 10 Miles - at the summit Bottled Water

Water Stations:


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